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taxonomy within loop

  • Hello

    Where am I going wrong here? I have a taxonomy category select acf field, and want to add the id to my loop…

    $args = array(
    'posts_per_page' => '6',
    'cat' => the_field('which_category'),

    The acf field it set to return Term ID. If I type the term ID in manually, it works. And if I just stick the_field(‘which_category’) on the page anywhere, it outputs the right number.


  • Hello…

    You are close here.

    the_field(‘which_category’) echo’s the value…
    get_field(‘which_category’) retrieves it (to store in a variable, pass to an array, etc.)

    Use: get_field(‘which_category’) in this case, and that should fix this up for you.

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