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Taxonomy Term values from user profile

  • Hello

    I have a taxonomy called “subject” that is part of a CTP called “topics”.

    I have a custom field group with a location rule set for all users.

    I have a custom field called “specialist_topic” that is set to the Taxonomy Field Type. Within this I select “subject” from the Taxonomy drop-down, “Select” from the Field Type drop-down, and Term Object from the Return Value field.

    When editing a User Profile, I select a taxonomy term from the custom field and save it.

    In my author.php file, I’d like to display the taxonomy term value. I am doing this like so:

    // Get author ID
    $curauth = (isset($_GET['author_name'])) ? get_user_by('slug', $author_name) : get_userdata(intval($author));
    // Var for custom field
    $specialtopic = get_field('specialist_topic', 'user_' . $curauth->ID); 
    // Output the taxonomy term
    echo $specialtopic;

    I get this error:

    Catchable Fatal Error: Object Of Class StdClass Could Not Be Converted To String In

    Var Dump shows (“Food” is the correct tax term)

    Object(StdClass)#257 (9) { ["Term_id"]=> String(3) "122" ["Name"]=> String(4) "Food" ["Slug"]=> String(4) "Food" ["Term_group"]=> String(1) "0" ["Term_taxonomy_id"]=> String(3) "128" ["Taxonomy"]=> String(7) "Subject" ["Description"]=> String(20) "Top 10 Food Websites" ["Parent"]=> String(1) "0" ["Count"]=> String(1) "3" }

    Alternatively, when I change the Return Value of ID I can happily output the ID # without the error.

    Any ideas where I’m going wrong?


  • Hi @juxprose

    Because you have selected ‘Term Object’ as the return type, you are getting an object (just like you have chosen).

    This object can be seen clearly in your var_dump.

    Is there a problem that I am not seeing? Do you need help rending the object? This would work:

    $specialtopic = get_field('specialist_topic', 'user_' . $curauth->ID); 
    <h3><?php echo $specialtopic->name; ?></h3>
  • Thanks Elliot, my echo wasn’t correct, your ‘<?php echo $specialtopic->name; ?>’ fixes the problem just as I’d like.

    Many thanks for your time looking at this, and the fix.


  • Hi @juxprose

    Thanks mate. Can you change this topic to a question and mark the appropriate reply as the solution?

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