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Taxonomy Term – "Show this field group if" not applying

  • Firstly, thank you for developing such an awesome plugin and for extending the developer version to those of us who had already purchased elements of the plugin previously.

    And, thank you for the 5.0.1 update which also fixed this issue for me:

    However, after updating, I am no longer able to apply a custom field group to a Taxonomy Term. When I click on ‘Update’ the dropdown always reverts to ‘Post Taxonomy is equal to Uncategorized.’

    To illustrate, this is the desired rule:
    Want it to be this...

    But it keeps changing to this:
    ...but it keeps changing to this.

    Prior to the update this was working fine. Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated!

  • I just bought the plugin and faced the very same problem. As a temporary workaround, I solved the issue by doing this:

    File: ./core/compatibility.php
    Line: 409
    from: ‘taxonomy’ => ‘post_taxonomy’,
    to: ‘taxonomy’ => ‘taxonomy’

    Of course this is a bad solution; but it works for now (as I don’t intend to use “Post Taxonomy” option).

    Hope this helps and we get a fix soon.

  • Hi guys.

    Thanks for the bug report. I’ve found and fixed the issue and an update will be out shortly

  • The 5.0.2 update appears to have corrected this issue. Thanks for your support!

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