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Taxonomy Term Location

  • Building custom theme and noticed Taxonomy Term conditional was not available. Unable to troubleshoot. Tried deactivating theme, plugins, checked latest versions, error logs, etc.

    Therefore, I did a fresh install of WP, activated both Twentyninenteen or Twentyseventeen theme, and installed ACF Pro latest version activated… nothing else done yet to it, the Taxonomy Term Location is not showing. I’m seeing a few others posts but from a few months back on same issue.


  • As I would like to create a few taxonomies on a Custom Post Type I have done for Custom Theme. The Taxonomy location works and shows the custom taxonomy I created, but when it comes to the terms I added to it, I am unable to get the location option to work for term. Considering if I choose Taxonomy location and the custom taxonomy, it will show fields in main Taxonomy edit screen plus term editing screen.

  • Screenshot for register_taxonomy

  • thoughts? I can’t be the only one.

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