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Taxonomy Term location rule bug?

  • Hi Elliot, I may have found a bug with Taxonomy Term location rules.

    When I select ‘Taxonomy Term’, the subsequent select updates as expected (although it used to list taxonomies by name and by slug?). However when I select the relevant taxonomy and save, the location reverts to ‘Post Taxonomy’ and ‘Uncategorized’.

    Prior to ACF5, I used the ‘Taxonomy Term’ location to put custom fields on the add/edit term form for the given taxonomy – I’m assuming this is the intended use. I check just because I’m confused by the use of the name ‘Taxonomy Term’ as opposed to ‘Taxonomy’.


  • Hi @iporter

    Thanks for the bug report. I can’t replicate the issue on my end unfortunately, is there any chance you could put together a screencast of the issue?

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