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  • HI,
    I have developed a block that allows the display of posts from a CPT, one of the options i have is to filter these results by a custom taxonomy. The issue is that when the content of the page containing this block is exported from staging to go on to production it loses the link to the choice of custom taxonomy as the IDs are different in the two environments, so is there anyway to store the slug of the taxonomy and do some kind of reverse lookup when it is used on other environments to find and replace the current ID with the new one?

    The code generated currently by the block is:

    <!-- wp:acf/icns {"name":"acf/icns","data":{"colour":"bg-dark-blue","cattowerselect":"1112","numberofposts":"14","icns":"test"},"mode":"auto"} /-->

    cattowerselect”:”1112″ is the ID of the chosen taxonomy which is different on the production site.

    Many thanks


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