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Taxonomy relationship query not working

  • I’ve taxonomy term called “competition” and “team”. Some of the term from taxonomy “teams” are A, B, C, D. Now what I’m trying to achieve is when I tag the post to “teams”, I also want to post to link to its linked taxonomy “competition”. For example: If team ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ play in Competition Taxonomy called “Super Cup”, and when I tag to post to A, B or C taxonomy, then the post tagged in any of those teams should show up in query of “Super Cup taxonomy”.

    What I’ve tried is using Advance Custom Fields. I applied a rule to taxonomy term “competition” as a new field while creating new taxonomy “competition”. And then I chose a field type relational taxonomy “team”. And when I will create a new taxonomy “competition”, I will have a field of selecting teams as check box( with multiple values choosing ability). I did this way, but this isn’t working. If this isn’t gonna work, is there any way I can link two taxonomy terms of different taxonomy and make one parent and also able to get query post?

    So basically this is how it looks.
    This is Form for creating new competition

    I made a relationship form between Team and Competition. Example: I have checked few teams for “Demo Competition”. Now I want to show post tagged under those four teams in “Demo Competition” Archive.
    Any help would be gladly appreciated.
    Thank you!

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