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Taxonomy organizing repeater entries

  • I would like to create a meeting minutes plugin for my employees. When creating an agenda item for the meeting, is it better to use a taxonomy category for each agenda item or a select field already populated with agenda items from an options tab. Later on I would like to able to organize and sort the agenda items based on the category the user selects. Which option gives me greater flexibility with the data?

    Currently I have the Meeting Minute field group setup with header information that includes fields for project information. Then I have a repeater field so the employee can add new agendas to the meeting.

    Repeater Field Layout:
    Agenda Item Number
    Agenda Category (either a taxonomy category or select field)
    Start Date
    Due Date
    Assigned To (selects from a list of active users)
    Active/Completed (Use a true/false field)

    One more question. Is there a way to copy all agenda items from the repeater field to a new post that are still active based on the true/false field. If the user selects Completed (false statement) then those repeater items will not be copied over to new post.

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