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Taxonomy location rules saved by slug

  • It might be possible that this issue was already posted before, so forgive me if it is, but I could not find it.

    Taxonomy location rules seem to be saved by slugs. I had the following case.

    a: 9: {
    	s: 8: "location";a: 1: {
    		i: 0;a: 2: {
    			i: 0;a: 3: {
    				s: 5: "param";s: 9: "post_type";s: 8: "operator";s: 2: "==";s: 5: "value";s: 7: "company";
    			i: 1;a: 3: {
    				s: 5: "param";s: 13: "post_taxonomy";s: 8: "operator";s: 2: "==";s: 5: "value";s: 26: "chapter:3-groupage_by_road";
    	s: 8: "position";s: 6: "normal";s: 5: "style";s: 7: "default";s: 15: "label_placement";s: 3: "top";s: 21: "instruction_placement";s: 5: "label";s: 14: "hide_on_screen";s: 0: "";s: 11: "description";s: 0: "";s: 8: "modified";i: 1524568643;s: 5: "local";s: 4: "json";

    In this case, the location rule for the taxonomy “chapter” was based on the slug “3-groupage_by_road”. My client later changed the slug (via the breadcrumb tool in Yoast SEO, but direct changing of the slug caused this too), but the ACF location rule did not change. So the fields weren’t available anymore.

    Could this be changed to the term_id instead of the slug? Or are there complications that I am not aware of?

  • I don’t know if this is a recent change or not, but I seem to recall it used to use the term ID. You would need to contact the developers about this

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