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Taxonomy for images

  • Hi,
    My company is exploring using wordpress as a Digital Assets Management solution. Our needs are not too complex, so I think this is doable.

    My main questions is, can one create taxonomies for images? Can ACFPro be used for this?

    We won’t be creating posts or pages. Just uploading images to the media library, where we hope to classify them in categories. For instance, shape (heart, pear, square, round, etc.), metal (platinum, gold, etc.), style (vintage, modern, etc.).

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • WP does not offer the ability to add taxonomies media. While you could add a field for a taxonomy with ACF this would be entirely useless on its own. It would not offer any way to filter using it in WP.

    You would need to add code to do this or find a plugin that offers adding taxonomies to media.

  • Thanks so much! I ended up using the CPT UI plugin in conjunction with ACF.

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