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Taxonomy field – usability improvement proposal

  • Hi,

    Taxonomy field allows the user to create new taxonomy terms. That’s great. But IMO there’s no need to open a modal to add new terms.

    • First of all, it’s requires a few additional steps (click plus button, enter the term, click save)
    • Secondly: the plus button that appears on hover looks a bit odd.
    • Finally, there’s no need to open the modal. If the term is not found in the autocomplete dropdown then the phrase that user has inputted could be automatically added as a new term. Select2 has such feature out of the box (See Tagging Support section on the Select2 Examples page).

    Additionally: Select2 will be probably added to the WordPress core as a default UI for taxonomy terms. It was put on hold only because of some accessibility issues. And I believe it will work the same way as I suggest because in the current UI taxonomy terms are also added without opening a modal. If the term doesn’t exist in the autocomplete dropdown, it’s automatically created.

    Thanks for saving/loading terms feature! I was just about to implement such a feature then I found that ACF has it out of the box 🙂

  • I’ve just noticed that the popup is required, but for hierarchical taxonomies only. For flat ones, there’s no need to show the modal.

  • Hi @wube

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have alerted the plugin author about this and hopefully the suggestions will be added to the plugin’s development roadmap.

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