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Taxonomy field: show custom fields when creating a term

  • The taxonomy field offers an option to create a new term (“Create Terms”).

    When using this feature, it’s possible to insert the name of the term. But it would be very useful if it is possible to insert values for the configured custom fields for that taxonomy as well.

    Per example: we have a taxonomy for which we configured a image field. When creating a new term using the Taxonomy field, we can only insert the name for the term (see attachment). For adding the image, we will still need to navigate to the term and add the image manually, this feels unintuitive.

    The ability to use the custom fields right away, would be extra useful (or arguably actually a necessity) when a taxonomy has custom fields that are configured as “required”.

    When we are depending on required custom fields for a taxonomy, we feel forced to disable the “Create Terms” option because the user is not able to insert values to the custom fields.

  • For feature request you should contact the developers, this has been requested in the past, if they get enough requests they might add it.

  • Hello John,

    I will send them a message.
    But I expected that a forum section named “feature requests” was meant for this. 😅

  • Well, yes, at one time. When this forum was originally set up years ago the developer actually monitored all of these forums, then the popularity the plugin increased and he got busy just doing dev work on it, and since then the plugin has also changed hands twice. No one has ever bothered to adjust the forums.

    The developers do monitor the forums for a couple of days after major releases, but that’s about it.

    The only people that you’ll see here as a general rule are other users.

    I know this because I’ve been kicking around here since almost the beginning of ACF.

  • Hi John,

    Okay, thanks for further explaining. Maybe it’d be better to close this section and show a notice that requests should be sent in via mail.

    But that’s something that ACF will know best.

    As previously said; I’ve sent in the feature request and I hope it will find its way to the developers in time. It would be a great addition for usability, in my opinion.

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