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Taxonomy Field selection not sticking.

  • I’ve got a custom WP_Query that needs to get a Category ID from a Taxonomy field.

    It can’t because each time I pick a category, upon page refresh/update, the field is empty.

    I’ve changed the the ‘Return Value’ to both “Term Object” AND “Term ID”; this makes no difference.

    ACF: 5.5.10
    WP: 4.7.3

  • Hi @incomitatum

    This is a bit odd, are any JS errors reported via the JS console?

    Have you also been able to rule out conflicts between ACF and the other installed plugins?

  • Not sure what the issue was. I nuked the page/post and dropped all my fields and reimported from jSon and it worked. I think something was stuck under the hood. I still don’t quite understand how/where the field options are stored 😀

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