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Taxonomy field search vs. 5,200 terms

  • Hi all

    I have a site with 5,200 custom taxonomy terms arranged into a three-deep hierarchy.

    It’s almost impossible to navigate this and select the appropriate term for a post using the standard WP fields for it and as such I wanted to move to using the ACF Taxonomy Field.

    I have the taxonomy field setup and working as a single item select (a post can only have one of these terms assigned to it) and this also gives me the benefit of having a live search box (as part of the selected field) for the user to type into find the term they need.

    The only issue I have is that this search doesn’t seem to work particularly well.

    If you type in one character it finds a list of some of the items, if you type in more characters it doesn’t find anything. If a user types in their term exactly it returns “no matches” even if you can see the same term in front of you after initially typing one character in…

    I don’t really think this is a bug as such it’s just not that good at searching through a
    large number of terms, so my question is/questions are:

    Does anyone know of an improved version of this field out there in the world?
    Has anyone had similar issues? If so did you solve them?
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a non-ACF plugin to aid this functionality if no ACF based solution exists.

    Thanks all

  • The taxonomy field has a bunch of options that, I suppose, impact the ability to search terms, namely:

    1. Create Terms: Terms typed into the field will be newly created and added to the taxonomy (all the usual WP shenanigans attached, such as comma separation). You might not find terms, because they are being registered. Please check if previous searched have resulted in any data garbage being added to the taxonomy.
    2. Save Terms: Terms typed into the field will be added to the post itself be the usual means of WP. I venture that this will function only if the taxonomy itself is attached to the post type at hand. It might help to know what taxonomy we are dealing with.
    3. Load Terms: Terms typed into the field will be limited to the terms that have already been attached to the post. Basically, see 1 and 2.

    Which of these options, if any, are enabled?

  • The post supports the tax.
    Create terms is off as it’s a fixed list we won’t be adding to.
    Load terms is off.
    I have tried with save terms on and off with the same result.

    In terms of what the tax is, it’s a custom tax of 5,200 unique references in a particular 3-deep hierarchy.

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