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Taxonomy Field: Save Terms, Load Terms

  • Ok, definitely I am a “newbie” here and just stumbled upon this:

    I have a custom taxonomy for my custom post type. I have removed the default metabox and have created an ACF taxonomy field instead.

    Initially I had all 3 options: Create Terms, Save Terms and Load Terms enabled.
    Later I disabled them all.

    Now I have my posts objects saved in the fashion with all the Terms settings disabled.
    I am trying to add a tax_query – in the admin list of my post type and it isn’t working.

    After all kind of adjustments in my tax_query and custom taxonomy code, I finally checked my database and realized that I have no records saved in the taxonomy tables.
    Data have been only saved in the postmeta table.
    So, I guess those “xxxx Terms” settings found in the taxonomy field options are involved.

    I searched for the documentation, but frankly I am not 100% clear about what Save Terms and Load Terms are doing.
    I would assume Save Terms would save in the terms/taxonomy for the post, so I could tax_query later on, but yet this is a guess.
    Furthermore I have no clue at all about the Load Terms – I am not getting the Load value from posts terms explanation as well.

    Could someone give me an explanation for those options?

  • These settings cause the taxonomy field to work the same way as the default taxonomy metabox that you removed. It updates the relationships of posts to terms

    Create Terms: Let’s users create new terms

    These are the ones that will give you problems

    Load Terms: Gets existing terms the post is associated with
    Save Terms: Saves the terms for the post

    With these off the only place these terms are associated are in the acf field and you must to a meta_query to get posts in a specific term

    With these turned on the value are stored in a way that will let you create wordpress term templates “taxonomy-{$taxonomy_name}.php” and use a tax_query for getting posts in a term.

  • @hube2 John, thanks a lot for the response and the help.

    I realized that as with Save Terms disabled – my tax_query was returning nothing.
    I enabled, re-saved the post and now tax_query works.

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