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Taxonomy field not showing after submit / Elementor

  • Hello

    I am running a website that allows race organizers to register their own race. The final goal is to propose runners to have a public website with a maximum of the races organized in France.

    I have the Elementor Pro version and I also use ACF Frontend.

    I propose a form to my logged-in users (race organizers) to allow them to submit their races characteristics. After submit, their race is published as a custom post type.

    I dont have any issue with the form, i can configure it as I want and it is displayed as I want on a single page. All the ACF fields work nice.

    My problem is with the CPT template. I can select several ACF field types with the Elementor editor (number, text..) but I can’t select taxonomy acf fields. They are not displayed in the dropdown menu. I use text editor widget/dynamic tag.

    I am a newbie and i am not able to write a line of code.

    Would you have a solution for me ?



    PS : sorry for my very poor english 😉

  • Having the exact same issue. Created taxonomies for Locations with CPT UI. I can select them fine in the backend, but when it comes to Elementor, the taxonomy fields are not available for selection.

  • Same issue 🙁 I am trying to pull in ACF Taxonomy field but it will not show – only returns null values.

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