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Taxonomy field not connecting properly

  • I’m using an ACF Taxonomy field to connect three CPTs to a custom taxonomy called ‘location’.

    I’ve got the “Save Terms” and “Load Terms” options selected and it appears that this is working. However, the wp_term_taxonomy DB table is not updated to reflect newly added posts to each particular term.

    This means that some of the built-in WP features aren’t working. eg the Taxonomy index page shows incorrect counts, and Visual Composer blocks don’t work since it can’t find the terms even if posts exist in them.

    Any ideas why this might not be working?

  • Never mind.

    I think it was because I hadn’t included the ‘location’ taxonomy in the ‘taxonomy’ argument of register_post_type. Adding that in, but setting 'meta_box_cb' => false, means that WP is correctly counting these items, but not showing a default WP metabox on the admin screen.

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