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Taxonomy Field Not Calling Taxonomy on Click

  • I’m trying to use the Taxonomy field as the taxonomy chooser for a post. The problem is I want to use it as a single choice, not a checkbox, but when I run it in the post editor with any option other than checkbox, it doesn’t bring up the other ACF fields attached to that taxonomy.
    For example, taxonomy ‘books’, normally when ‘books’ is chosen(with a checkbox), a new field group (ie: Book Options) just appears with more options. But if i use the taxonomy field and NOT the checkbox option, nothing appears until you save the post.

    Is there a way to make the non-checkbox taxonomy fields work the same as checkboxes?

  • Any thoughts on this?? Can’t find a solution anywhere.

  • Update:
    Found the latest github version does this now. So, fixed!

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