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Taxonomy Field Issue & Subscribe2

  • Hello,

    I’ve been working with the Subscribe2 developer on an issue where all subscribers are receiving email notifications for new posts instead of just for the taxonomies they are subscribed to.

    I’m using the ACF Taxonomy field to assign the post to a single specific taxonomy using the Select dropdown. Once a new post is saved an email should be sent to all subscribers of that specific taxonomy. Instead an email is sent to all subscribers despite their taxonomy subscription preferences.

    The Subscribe2 developer suggested it’s an issue with the way the ACF plugin saves the taxonomy.

    My back and forth with their developer is here:

    I would very much appreciate some help in getting this to work correctly as it’s an extremely important function of our site.

    Thank you for your help!

    EDIT** – I forgot to add that when assigning the taxonomy using the default WordPress taxonomy widget the Subscribe2 plugin operates correctly.

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