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Taxonomy Field fails to update post categories

  • Hi! I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong. I’ve just started using ACF and I think it’s great and I was looking for a viable replacement to the default tags and categories metaboxes in the default Posts section. So I’ve created a taxonomy field with the “Load value based on the post’s terms and update the post’s terms on save” option checked.

    The thing is I can’t get the categories to update. On every post update, the checkboxes keep the previous values (that were set with the default Categories meta box).

    I couldn’t find any docs on this feature, so maybe it’s a recent one. So any help on this matter will be appreciated!!

  • Hi @landitus

    If you use the native WP checkbox to change the category, does ACF read in the new terms selected?

    Perhaps the issue is ACF is not saving the data?

    Can you confirm that ACF is saving other custom fields?

  • Hi Elliot, thanks for The reply.
    – ACF does indeed read all changes made with the native categories metabox. It looks like ACF can’t change and save data.
    – I have 2 more ACF fields and they save just fine.

    I am using the latest WordPress and ACF. Maybe I Should try a brand new wordpress install just to re-check.

  • Hi @landitus

    Yes, please do re-check this on another install.

    Failing that, are you able to do some simple debugging in the taxonomy file?

    Take a look in ‘core/fields/taxonomy.php’ in the update_value function.

    Use a simple debugging method to check that the wp_set_object_terms function is running

  • Well, I’ve tried the same with a new WP install and works perfectly!
    I had once installed a categories related plugin which was removed. I guess that broke something permanently in my site.

  • I had this exact same issue!

    Not sure if this helps, but I was using the Taxonomy Field add-on by Brian Zoetewey previously, and disabled this when ACF gained this functionality. However the bug still remained. Today I removed the Taxonomy Field Add-On completely, and upgraded ACF to the latest version, and this functionality started working perfectly!! Such a winning feature.

    One question though – it would be awesome if you could present the option to hide a CPT meta box from a edit screen? As it is, you can only hide default cateogies or tags. However, if we are using this feature, there is a good chance we are using a custom taxonomy that we want to hide – as we are replacing the default taxonomy meta box with our shiny new ACF meta box.

    I know you can ‘hide’ this from the options panel up top, but a sneaky client might find this, and then have the ability to choose multiple tickboxes again 🙂 Be good to hide it permanetly if possible.

  • Having the same issue too.

    We have set up various custom taxonomies for which we are planning to use the ACF interface to interact with, and not the native metaboxes that appear in the sidebar of the edit screen which will become redundant for our purposes.

    Yes, we can hide these using the screen options panel but this is not ideal because clients can find this and switch them on, therefore causing potential headaches all round!

    It would be such a great feature to be able to remove these from the ‘options’ panel when creating a field group in ACF.

    I guess it’s a simple case of ACF being able to read the custom taxonomies we’ve set up for our custom post type, or depending on whatever location rule has been set, and then showing them with checkboxes in the ‘Hide On Screen’ option panel?

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