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  • Perhaps I’m missing something very simple.

    I have a custom fields I’ve set to show on the options page. It’s a taxonomy field set to categories, using multi-values checkboxes so the admin guy can select multiple categories. This works if I use multi-select, but if I use checkboxes, selecting a checkbox on the options page refreshes the page and nothing is on the page, no fields just the options title with it’s icon.

    What am I missing here?

    All versions up to date.
    I have
    required: no
    allow null: yes
    Load & Save Terms to Post: unchecked
    Return Value: term object
    and conditional logic: no

  • To add, after googling this I see taxonomy is an add-on? I didn’t add an add-on for this, and can’t find much documentation on this.

    edit: tested this with a clean WP install, just a new ACF plugin and latest options plugin. This works fine if on a page template, but on the options page, checking a checkbox causes any custom fields on the options page to disappear.

  • Hi @TimTee

    Yes, this is a current bug which will be fixed in the next version of ACF.

    Very sorry about the issue but you can expect a fix within the next few days,


  • Thanks for your reply. So I’m not nuts 😉 is it a few days for sure? Just asking as I have a deadline for middle of next week and I kinda promised this feature. I can use the multi select fields for now as it works, but it’s really kludgy in comparison. When a fix comes in a few days I can switch it. Just don’t want to do it live because this affects all the content on the front page if possible.

  • Hi @TimTee

    ACF v4.2.2 is out and will fix your issue


  • fantastic! thx I’ll check this out this morning and post back.


  • totally fixed it appears. Thx so much for the quick fix!

  • I’m afraid the problem is still there for me. I’m using a Taxonomy field and checkboxes, and the Field Group is for ‘Attachment is equal to all’. Any time user clicks on any checkbox in the field, the page reloads and the custom fields disappear – just as reported initially above. Love ACF, this issue not so much! Peter

  • Sorry, should have added that I’m using ACF v4.2.2.

  • Hi @pfitz

    Just to confirm, the issue is when you have the check-box field appearing on the media POPUP window?


  • Thanks for the quick response. It occurs when I go into the Media Library and add then edit a new image or edit an existing one. The edit page comes us correctly initially, with the custom fields, but clicking any of the checkboxes causes it to reload and lose the custom fields. I have the fields divided into three tabs, if that makes any difference. Like TimTee above, I’ve switched to a multi-select field as a stopgap, and that works but it’s not as good.
    There’s no POPUPs involved, as far as I can see, but I may not be understanding your question.
    Thanks, Peter

  • Hi @pfitz

    Thanks for the info. I believe I have tracked down and solved the issue. You can download the latest ACF from github and test it out.

    Let me know if it solves your issue


  • Hi Elliot,

    I had a go at the latest ACF. Results are mixed: checkboxes do now work, and previous information (stored with previous version of ACF) is retained between multi-select and the checkboxes. However – and this is possibly because I am using the taxonomy with images / attachments and not with posts (I didn’t test it with posts), this occurs: all the fields and their values are listed with no elaborate formatting, and then underneath they are listed again properly formatted with tabbing. Only changes made to the checkboxes in the second listing are retained on clicking ‘update’. I reverted back to the previous ACF and all is working – though only if using multi-select, as before.

    Thanks for persisting with this.

    Best, Peter

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