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Taxonomy and User "Relationship" fields

  • Hello!

    I love the widget used when choosing field type = “Relationship”. It has a nice search field, a list on the left of options with the list on the right of chosen options.

    The nice thing about this is that you can reorder the posts in the right. It’s also much easier to find your items when you have many posts.

    When you choose field type = User or field type = Taxonomy, you get a different widget.

    The problem I’m having is that I need users and taxonomies ordered on a per post basis. So, for my news site I need to give attribution to users. There are co-authors and if I could choose them in order that would be perfect. Primary & secondary authors for example. Same goes for taxonomies.

    Post ABC has categories: Arts, Business, Police
    Post BCA has categories: Business, Police, Arts

    If I could choose them in order then I can display them in the same order. Just like I can with the post types.

    This would also take care of my other feature request here:

    The only thing I found through searching was this SO question.


  • Agreed on the User aspect. I WOULD LOVE to have the relationship approach to the Users field. Anyone know of code that can replicate that?

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