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Taxonomy and Tags

  • Hi,
    I can’t quite figure out how to work with Tags Taxonomy terms on the template side. I just want to do something quite basic, retrieve the current post custom_field and output a clickable link to it’s tag archive page, such as:

    <a href="[link to tag archive]">[custom_fied_value]</a>

    I have a Taxonomy custom field set up, named “artist”, taxonomy set is Tags. I’ve read the documentation article on Taxonomy, but it’s not helping me.

  • Hi @tomakun

    Just for reference, can you please provide a link to the ‘taxonomy doc’ you speak of? Also, which parts of it were not helping you?

    What is the return setting for your taxonomy field? ID or object?

    Have you looked yet at the WP docs for getting the archive url for a taxonomy term?


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