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  • hey,
    Am using Field Type: Taxonomy with multiselect to be able to select multiple taxonomies.

    After user selects that desired taxonomy, I’d like to be able to pull in actual Posts from selected categories.

    Currently am only able to pull in the the title and link to view all in category.
    <?php foreach( $terms as $term ): ?>

    <h2><?php echo $term->name; ?></h2>
    <?php echo $term->description; ?>

    “>View all ‘<?php echo $term->name; ?>’ posts

    Is there a way to pull in posts of categories/taxonomies after user selects them?

  • Hi @dawood

    Thanks a lot for reaching out to us.

    You would to have to use the standard WP query to query for posts which belong in that taxonomy.

    Hope this helps.

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