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Taxonomies, Relations? Set-up problem

  • Hello, i am playing around with ACF and encountered the following problem which I cant resolve on my own, any help is appreciated.
    I am creating a site for a local basketball club (using elementor pro). I basically have 2 main CPTs – Team Profile pages (created via theme builder as a single page template) and Game reports (created via theme builder as single post template). I managed to make this work with ACF, so far all good. Within each Team profile I’d like to display the related game news (e.g.latest 3 of them). So when you are on Team A page, show only Team A related Game reports in the sidebar and so on. Since all the pages are created via templates and dynamic content, I cant figure out how to set up the relations or taxonomies. how would I set something up like this? sounds quite easy, but I so far I could not figure it out. i made a drawing of it, maybe its a little clearer this way. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! A.

  • I hate to keep doing this to people, but if you are using Elementor Pro then this is a question you should be directing to either the developer of that plugin or to people that use Elementor because it is a question of how to use a value that ACF stores in that system.

    The chances of someone that uses Elementor answering your question here are small. ACF is built primarily for developers that code templates themselves using PHP.

    All I can really give you is that a relationship field stores an array of post IDs for the related posts.

  • Hi John, thanks for your answer. And – Sorry, I wasn’t aware of that.I just started falling down the rabbithole of WordPress, elementor, acf etc. thanks anyway, regards

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