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Tax Relationship failed with select box

  • Hello

    I found a problem on V5.05 (do not know if it is a regression or not as I tried only with this version).

    I’ve create a field in a repeater that must show a list of taxonomies I’ve created, with only one possible choice.

    When I choose to display as radio boxes, no problem, I can see all my taxs and select one of them.

    WBut hen I choose the select box for displaying my list, it fails and the UI just displays “searching …” but nothing found…

    Hope it helps.



  • Hi,

    I am also having this same issue. This was working fine in version 5.0.4, it has only been since updating to 5.0.5 that the issue has occurred.

  • Having the same issue here, just the same case as benderham.

    It actually fails when getting the length for the returned array, although taking a look at the “API”, it does not return any array.

    Hope this helps.

    Jesús E.

  • Hey,

    Has there been any progress with this issue at all?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi guys.

    Can you please update to the latest (v5.0.7) and test the issue again?
    I believe a recent update should have fixed this issue, but it would be great to get some feedback.


  • Hey Elliot,

    The issue appears to be fixed.


  • Hi,

    It seems to be fixed yes.

    Thanks a lot!
    Jesús E.

  • Hello Eliott,

    I confirm this too. fixed;)

    Thank you

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