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Tabs with Google Map are listed vertically

  • Hi,

    maybe I found a bug.

    If I use a Google Map within a tab, the following tabs were not listed next to the first tab, but after the “infected” tab.

    Here is the screen, which contains a first tab “Postadresse” with a Google Map (the tabs “Rechnungsadresse” and “Lieferadresse” at the bottom are empty): Buggy Tab with Map

    Maybe you can find the error.
    Thanks a lot.


  • Hi @Christian

    It looks like the tabs are from different field groups. This would explain why they are not joining together. I think If you removed the google map field, the issue would not be resolved.

    Tab fields can’t yet join together from multiple field groups.

    Hope that helps.


  • I wish I could confirm this, but unfortunately it is not so. All tabs are in one field group.

    Here is a backend screenshot.

    I can give you access to the backend, if you want.

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