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Tabs on Taxonomy Terms Bug

  • I have a Taxonomy ‘specialties’. When you add a new term to the ‘specialties’ taxonomy, the user is presented with the standard WordPress fields (name, slug, parent, description) as well as some ACF fields I have added. I have many and they are all grouped into 4 tabs.

    When you add a term on the main Taxonomy page for ‘Specialties’, it multiplies the tabs for every term you add.

    For example, We start off with 4 tabs and enter content, everything looks good, and we click ‘Add New Specialty’. Once clicked, the Tabs multiply and now I have 8 total Tabs. If I add a 2nd term on the same screen (without refreshing), I’ll have 12 total tabs. Each term duplicates the amount of original tabs we started with. I’ve tried using left aligned tabs but the page looks broken.

    Everything works fine when you Edit the term and you’re on the term detail page. It’s just when users add terms at the main Taxonomy screen – this seems to be where the bug occurs. There are no javascript errors in the console.

  • Yes, it does, that’s interesting, and it is just tab fields. I added some other fields and these are not duplicated. Also, not sure if you noticed or not, but the fields in the tabs are no longer available, at least not for me. They seem to be permanently hidden.

    Not sure, this could have something to do with a new tab feature that was added recently. I will see if I can bring this to the developer’s attention.

  • Has there been any progress on this one? I still see it happening as of 5.6rc1

  • If you’re having this issue please submit a new support ticket here

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