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Tabs layout option for repeater fields

  • Repeater fields take up a ton of space in the editor.

    Often I’m creating a block for displaying three columns of content. A repeater field is the obvious choice for this, but my clients find tabs a much better user experiencing than scrolling a long wall of repeater fields. A handful of repeater fields containing many fields blend together and can easily make the editing experience confusing. I agree – using tabs saves a lot of space and are easy to get at a glance.

    For field groups with many repeater fields, like reviews, a tabbed layout is not the ideal choice, but for a smaller amount of repeater fields, tabs would be a superior option.

  • Please submit suggestions here

    But, as far as using what’s available. When I have a lot of fields in a repeater I actually add tabs in the repeater rows to make things more manageable for the user. I also take advantage of the collapse setting for the repeater and give the user a field where they can enter a description for the row so that they can find the one they are looking for more easily by collapsing them all.

    I am attaching a screen shot of an interface I’m currently working on.

    Columns on the left is a tab in a flexible content field. On the right there is a “Group” field named “Columns” This group field has it’s own tabs. Then in the “Columns” tab of this group there is a “Columns” repeater field. This repeater has a field that will be shown when the row is collapsed and it also has it’s own set of tabs to split things up and make it easier to manage.

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