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Tabs & Fields styling

  • I’ve created my field group and I’m using tabs and have assigned them to the user profile. Everything shows up as it should. I’m trying to style the fields in a way that allows me to put the tabs off to the left margin arranged vertically. I then want to bring the field content up to the same level as my tabs but exist on the right side of the tabs. So basically, a left column of tabs and a bigger right column of all the field content.

    I’ve tried to use CSS to get control of the tabs and the field content but the most I can accomplish is getting the tabs moved to the left and arranged vertically.

    Which ACF file can I look into to change from a <Table> layout to more of a CSS driven layout?

  • It’ll probably be difficult since the tab layout with table is embedded in the ACF as a whole.

    the tab.php file in core/fields only outputs the tab itself and not its content.

    Perhaps a nice feature request for the future? Altho I’m pretty sure it’d end up pretty low on the priorities-list since it’s just a cosmetic alternative 🙂

  • Jonathan, Thanks for responding. This plugin would have been more ideal if I had more control over placement and look of the fields. It seems it will be impossible to integrate the user profile form into a theme even if I implemented the form on the front end. This is certainly a setback as far as using this plugin further.

  • Well, if you use the standard admin theme (not any custom in admin area) it shouldnt matter there since it’s based on wordpress own classes..

    As far as front end editing goes you’re not restricted to only using ACFs own front end form.. You could create your own form or possibly use for example Gravityform for it and use filters (for gravity forms) or a custom submit page to save the values to the users profile. You could even create your very own form with completely custom markup and styling and write some AJAX to save it to user profile without reload or requirement of a submitpage

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