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Tabbed Repeater

  • Hi Eliot. I found some mention of tabbed repeaters being now bundled with ACF Pro (here: but can’t seem to find any documentation relating specifically to the tab field and can’t seen to get it to work.

    I have implemented the following nested structure: Repeater -> Tab, title, text. I’ve also tried Tab -> Repeater -> title, text but can’t get a tabbed layout, only tabs appearing in line after each repeater.

    Is it possible to achieve a tabbed repeater layout where each addition creates a new tab?

    Thanks very much

  • I’d like to bump this one – I’ve got a small repeater (3 elements), with a lot of content within each item (it’s a repeater of flexible content layouts). Having an option for each repeater element to be a new tab would be very useful.

  • Bump!

    I’ve just implemented a page layup on a site today where the user enters the page content in three different languages that then also appear in tabs on the live site. It would be really cool to be able to click a little ‘+’ tab at the end to add a new language.

    Tabbed repeaters or repeating tabs would be awesome.

  • Bumping this.

    It would give ACF a whole new layer of flexibility for both users and developers.

  • BUMP!

    I use ACF for a multitude of applications within WordPress and having the option for adding tabs in a repeating fashion would be incredibly advantageous.

    For some of my end users of the dashboard it can be a bit of a scrollathon when dealing with more complex ACF setups.

  • Adding my voice to the chorus. I’ve been trying tons of tab setups with the repeater and none of them work quite right. Having one that’s ACF-backed would be great.

  • I don’t know if this is in the realm of what is possible in ACF, but the best way to get it to the developers attention is to submit a support ticket

  • It’s got some stripped down functionality, but I’ve extended the “Block” style repeater with my completely unendorsed plugin:

    It’s been really handy for my personal and client work, so might be some help for you guys.

    UPDATE: It now has drag & drop!

    It’s a massive space saver.

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