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Tab nesting / Accordion

  • Hi,

    I’m using tabs to create options panels for websites I make.
    Usually they are smaller sites so things work well, but I have one fairly large site that has email notifications and I build it in a way that client can manage subject/body text of each email.

    Looks like:

    What would help me to make this layout more user friendly would be either if I can nest tabs inside of tabs – 1 level deep.
    Or if I have another layout ‘accordion’ which I can either nest under tabs or use as a top level.

    Not sure is something like this qualified for a feature request or would this be more something like a possible custom add-on.


  • HI @bobz

    Have you considered nesting some left-aligned tabs within the top-aligned tabs?

    I believe this would make some nested layout whereby each tab would have other options under each tab.

  • I am also looking for the code something like this , if you got the code then please share with me also

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