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Tab in User Section

  • Hi Guys,

    I have been trying to extend the User Profile in the backend of WP and i could achieve that creating new fields and setting up the Rules to “User equals to all”. All works great and all fields are showing in the backend except for the Tabs. Are the tabs works when you try to setup like that? I would like to have some tabs, separating some fields in the User Profile. Is that possible using ACF?

    Also, how can i use those fields in the frontend for registration and profile update?

    Those are my fields:

    Thanks heaps,


  • Hi @abocati

    These 2 questions are current limitations of the ACF plugin.
    Tabs don’t yet work in the user edit page as the HTML uses a table, not divs.

    Also, fields do not yet work correctly with the register form. This will be addressed in ACF v5


  • I don’t see it in the “what’s new” report.

    Did it make it to v5?

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