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Tab add. (Repeater or Flexible)

  • How to create tabs three. I have 3 lvl of tabs. But it show in wp admin row by row, i want separate it in tabs, so it will looks like on front end.
    Tab 1 | Tab 2 | Tab 3
    Sub Tab 1 | Sub Tab 2
    Sub Sub Tab 1 | Sub Sub Tab 2

    In this topic some one already ask help with this structure.
    Also here elliotcondon said it will implemented in ACF5 & ACF PRO, i bought ACF 5 and dont see it, then i bought Pro version, and i dont see it.

    I try Tab -> Repeater, Tab -> Flexible, Repeater -> Tab, Flexible -> Tab.
    So how i can do this?

  • Hi @fdrv

    I think maybe you’re confused of what a repeater or flexible field does.

    A repeater will always only be able to create a new row, that’s how repeaters work. However you can put one or more tabs within that row but only by adding them manually to the repeater fields subfields in admin.

  • I understand right it, i know what it does. Do you read this topic ?

    One more time, i need add row in panel like a tab.

  • Hi @fdrv

    Yes I read that topic and when I try I can successfully add a tab field inside a repeater field.

    Unfortunately I have a hard time understanding your issue when you say “add row in panel like a tab”. Could you maybe provide some screenshots of what you’re trying to do or even a screencast?

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