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Sync actual ACF content from WP to WP

  • Hi,

    I’m Working on this project to sync content from WordPress to another WordPress and we use ACF heavily and now with rest API it seems like it should be easy I enable it on the “master” WordPress installation and I made a plugin on the “client” that grabs the JSON from the API and check if there is any new content and if so create it but updating ACF fields seems to be a problem.

    I am using

    to view the acfs via the JSON from the API

    but they are displayed in a way that IF I just do a quick foreach and update_field doesn’t seem to work since I guess we need to know what type of field it is.

    If anyone out here is working on something like this or has I would really appreciate if you can show where to start or a hint of how to do this?


  • When using update field for posts that do not exist and do not already have those fields then you need to use the field key rather than the field name to do the updating. This is explained in the update_field() documentation

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