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Switching layouts for existing Flexible Content rows

  • I’m finding really annoying having to copy all the (common) field’s content to a new page/row just because I can’t switch layouts for it.

    Can you please outline or provide a proof of concept for the neccessary steps PROVIDED I already made my input fields the share the same field key? (I was told I can name them the same as long as they are not siblings of the same group/layout).

    I want to add a “switch layout” select box myself to the row, so I don’t have to do it in the SQL database, and I see there are hidden rows as the master for new ones, so what would it take for me script to switch layouts (field keys are the same).

    Is there any “new page/row” JS script I can reuse? (like for deleting the existing page/row one and creating a new one?)

    Should I instead change some hidden field with the layout number and resubmit the post to get it done automatically when the post reloads? (not ideal since the 60+ rows makes the post take forever to load with images)


  • Is every field in each of your layout exactly the same? Or is it just that most of them are the same with some variation from layout to layout?

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