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Switching from Pro to free version removes image

  • Hi there, I had been using ACF pro in the past, as my client required some of the functionality. ACF was perfect for our needs.

    Recently they have decided to drop all that, so we can run with the free version. One of the functionalities they wanted was to display a custom image on a custom post type.

    So have removed all the paid pro features on the site.

    However. We still require a single custom image on our pages.

    This single image field was created with the Pro version.

    The image is gone on our pages when we install the free version.

    Regardless I can see that the field number/id is precisely the same.

    Any idea why this happens + how to resolve this?
    Thank you.

  • Kindly bumping this one.

  • Where you using an image field or a gallery field for the single image? If you were using an image field there should have been no issue downgrading to the free version of ACF.

  • After looking back at it, I missed the fact that the single image sits inside a repeater field. I do know repeaters are a pro feature.

    Still, can I downgrade?

    Regardless of the fact if I downgrade or not.
    Installing the free version, disables the pro version. So I lose the image.
    But deleting the free version and enable the pro version again. The image is not coming back. Aka the blog I am working on for a client now has hundreds of missing images. I am glad I made a backup before trying it.

  • Any fields in a repeater would be lost.

    However, the data in the database should not be lost, with one caveat, this would only be the case if you do not edit anything.

    Moving fields out of a repeater would require re-coding where the fields are used. Not to mention that a repeater means there could be multiple instances and would be nearly impossible to move out of a repeater.

  • I understand. I will talk to the owner of the blog site and see his point of view.

    Thanks for your clarifications.


  • Please provide:

    1. How many repeaters sub_field images you want to migrate
    2. Provide the name of the repeater name and its image sub_field name
    3. Check the: show-field-keys-acf-pro article to get the acf field keys for new fields

    After this steps write a comment and I’ll show you the code and instructions on how to use it. @peternitras-be

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