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Suggestion: Expand/Contract repeater fields

  • Hi!

    Thank for a fantastic plugin.

    I yous repeater fields alot in my projects and when you have alot of fields in them it would be great to be able to contract them your not editing for the moment. Just an idea.

    Maybe something for a future update.

    kind regards
    Ola Eborn

  • This plugin has been very useful for the previous version of ACF. Unfortunately the plugin is not under active development and fails ins use of ACF Pro 5.

    This plugin has not worked with ACF5 PRO since August 2015. I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that I can no longer support this plugin or have enough interest to fix it. If you like this plugin, want to see it working again, and can you fix it please consider adopting this plugin! Contact me if you’re interested.

    It would be so awesome if repeater fields would be collapsible.
    ACF is an amazing plugin. One major weakness when building interfaces for my client’s websites is that repeater fields are often very difficult to sort by drag & drop, simply because they are large fields and the lists of several repeater fields can only be handled when reducing the font size of the browser window to a tiny size, in order to make the drag and drop sorting possible. That has been my work-around until today and I am not very happy with it because it is anything else than handy.

    I think ACF could really use a built-in feature to collapse and expand repeater fields in order to allow a user-friendly sorting function for fields that consists of several sub fields. Right now they are quickly too big to be sorted by drag & drop in their default layout within the ACF interface.

    Maybe we need to start a kickstarter campaign for that 😀 😉

  • ACF Pro does have built in collapsible repeater fields. They work differently than the plugin mentioned. This may be part of the reason that the developer of the plugin is not longer maintaining it.

  • That’s amazing! I haven’t seen these until now!
    Thanks for letting me know John. It makes perfect sense that the developer discontinued the plugin but he didn’t mention the built in collapsible fields but said that if somebody wish to continue, they may contact him. Anyway, the new feature works great!

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