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Subtabs and hr's

  • Options pages are extremely useful and I use them quite a bit for all sorts of general stuff. To improve their manageability, I have two suggestions:

    First, subtabs. Right now we can add many tabs but there’s no way to have subtabs. I’m sure this would be one of those updates that requires a lot of work and provides little reward, so I’m not keeping my fingers crossed, but making the suggestions anyway.

    Second is a much simpler suggestion. It would be nice to be able to add hr’s, or some other sort of divider that splits the vertical content. Some option pages (and even some custom post type fields) can get pretty long, and having some sort of visual division between sections would be great.

  • Hi @brian1037

    Thank you for the suggestions 🙂

    The feature requests have been received and passed on to Elliot for consideration.

    Hopefully these will see their way into the plugin sometime soon.

  • I have created a super simple plugin for me to add a simple separator with text and description, to separate sections, as you are asking
    Sorry for the spanish pics, is the site im currectly working on.

    This is the admin

    This is how it look in edit post screen

    And you can get it here

  • Hi @gabiton

    Thank you for sharing your plugin.

    You did a great job, it’s a very neat plugin!

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