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Submit buttons please.

  • We’ve got the custom fields and validations, we’ve got the form builder, we’ve got the back end processing… now the only thing we need is submit buttons.

    One of the things not-so-advanced (or lazy) programmers who hate building forms and input fields (your target audience) could use is a submit button.

    Currently, in order to trigger some specific server-side processing on the custom fields, is to check for $_POST[‘acf’] fields, but we still have to go and “update” the whole post.

    We could use an extra submit button, for some field group (or field) that would trigger the original post’s update button, with options to submit or not the rest of the post. Maybe even to save the current fields by ajax and not even updating the post.

    It would be VERY useful for me. I would rethink the whole way I add data to a post and build custom functionality right in the post editor, without having to code Ajax, or creating constant revisions for a post that didn’t change at all.


  • I’m sure this would all be useful, and it sounds like a great idea if someone wanted to create some kind of add on.

    I’ll flag this for the developer’s attention.

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