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Submit ACF frontend form with WooCommerce

  • I finally managed to display my ACF Fields on the front-end using the acf_form().

    I Specifically displayed them in the CHECKOUT page of WooCommerce so that the buyer has to enter some information first then PAY.

    I hope by now you get the picture. I sell Design Services so when a client chooses a Package. they are then redirected to the CHECKOUT Page where they have to enter their billing details PLUS the CUSTOM FIELDS THAT I CREATED AND DISPLAYED USING THE acf_form(). here’s the code:

    <?php acf_form_head(); ?>
             'form' => false,
             'post_id'      => 'new_post',
             'post_title'   => false,
             'post_content' => false,
             'new_post'     => array(
                 'post_type'    => 'create_project',
                 'post_status'  => 'publish'

    So as you can see, I disabled the Submit button because I want the Post (Design Project in my case) to be published ONLY AFTER the client pays.

    So I have to somehow link the Submit property to the WooCommerce Pay Button.

    I hope I was clear enough and please assist me through this

  • Does it work with page builders as well?

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