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Submission won't process

  • Hello,

    I had a developer for my site, and he has not responded in sometime, and the remaining piece is getting the front end form to work for guests. It is a custom form, and I’m not even sure which page code to paste into here to so that someone can help me figure out why the form will not submit (or save for that matter). Additionally, how do I get a submitted form (based on a category) to fill in a template based on that category. Example: Categories: car, boat and airplane. If you choose airplane the data from the form will be setup different in then post then if you were to choose cars. (Cars may have information about the interior whereas plane might have information about cargo area). Any help would be appreciated.

  • else{

    ‘post_id’ => ‘new_post’,
    ‘new_post’ => array(
    ‘post_type’ => ‘item’,
    ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’,
    ‘post_title’ => true,
    ‘post_content’ =>true,
    ‘updated_message’ => ‘New Program Submission Complete’,
    ‘return’ => ‘%post_url%’,
    ‘submit_value’ => ‘Create New Listing’,


  • It sounds like you’re developer abandoned you. Before you’re going to be able to work out what needs to be done to get the job finished the first thing you’re going to have to do is figure out where it’s at and the only way to do that is to pretty much figure out how everything was supposed to work, basically getting into the head of the developer that was doing the work.

    Given this, your best hope is going to be to get the original dev to complete the project. If you can’t do that then to find a developer that’s willing to fix it.

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