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Subdirectory multisite install

  • Hello,
    i’ve purchased the ACF pro version 5.2.6 and tried to install it on subdirectory multisite,
    it’s working fine in main site, but in the subdirectory site, all css and js won’t load, and it causes the repeater field won’t work, here is my subdirectory site set up :

    i think the problem is on the plugin relative path, because, on the /game1 subsite, the plugin trying to load the css and js file from main site /.

    is there any settings or changes that have to be made to subdirectory set up? or it’s not support at all? i can change my site to subdomain instead.

    i’ve open a ticket about it and, James suggest me to use :
    actually, i’m still not sure if the issue is about relative path, and seems like i can’t just copy-paste the code snippet from link above.


  • Hi @faza

    This sounds a bit weird to me. I’ve used ACF on many multisite installations (with subdirectory) without issues.. Generally I network activate it tho. Have you network activated it (if you haven’t could you try that)?

    Also, what is the whole URL of the files trying to load on the subsite?

  • Hi @jonathan
    Thanks for your response,
    it’s working fine now, it’s weird because i did nothing.

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