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  • Hi there, I’m trying to create sub options pages via following the info here. But once I add for example…

    if( function_exists('acf_add_options_sub_page') )
        acf_add_options_sub_page( 'Footer' );

    …to the bottom of functions.php I get nothing. No changes whatsoever. Not even an error message. Though if I take away the IF Function Exists statement I get an error message…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function acf_add_options_sub_page() in /home/lukedits/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4046

    Could anyone help?

  • This is probably related to your other post where you only see “F” in the dropdown..

    Do you have ACF installed as a regular plugin?

  • No, I don’t think it’s related. I’ve just reinstalled wordpress which fixed the “F” problem, but this is still there.

    I’ve just installed it as a regular plugin yes via the admin panel.

    I’m just adding the code in my original post to functions.php then uploading it via FTP but nothing happens.

  • Hi @silveredge9

    I don’t understand how you are getting the error Call to undefined function acf_add_options_sub_page() if your code is wrapped in an if function_exists statement…

    Can you confirm you don’t have any spelling mistakes?

    Also, have you installed and activated the options page add-on?

  • Hi elliot. I only get the error if I remove the If function exists statement, when it’s put at the end of functions.php as…

    if( function_exists('acf_add_options_sub_page') )
        acf_add_options_sub_page( 'Footer' );

    No php errors show up, its just that nothing happens.

    No spelling mistakes made, just copying and pasting. The options add-on is installed and works fine. Let me know if you need any more details, this is a great plugin.

  • Nevermind I realised my mistake. I was entering the data into the core functions.php rather than the one belonging to the theme. I’m only just getting back into wordpress after a few years working with other CMS’s so I’m a little rusty haha.

    Thanks for your help anyhow!

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