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Styling repeater field

  • Hi

    I have set up a repeater field with image field and 2 text fields. I have added this to the profile editor and this is now accessible via members area on the front end of our website. The repeater group is displayed in table form, is it possible / how would I make this output into bootstrap cards rather then table. Also is ‘add row’ editable to ‘add something else’


  • You cannot alter the field layout to include bootstrap cards, to do this you’d need to build your own form and form processor instead of using ACF. You have the available layout options for the repeater field (row, block, table). You can edit what the button says by editing that field in the settings for the repeater field.

  • can we get to appear in columns?

    what is difference between block and row? looks the same

  • The differences are subtle, and I probably can’t list them all. One thing is that in a block the labels are above the fields where as for a row the labels are in a column on the left. Other differences will depend on sub field settings and group settings like where the instructions for a field are shown.

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