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Struggling Tweaking For Use With Repeaters

  • I currently have a pretty straight forward setup for a quiz show site in regards to displaying the contestants.

    I have the custom post type “Contestant” and a field group of various metadata for the contestants.

    I have the custom post type “Match” for each game and I select three contestants for the episode.

    All that outputs the “contestants” block here:

    Easy peezy, BUT…

    I now need a way for any given contestant to have a different icon and nickname if they return in a different season and to display the right season’s contestant metadata on the right matches.

    So I thought I’d move all the fields that would be different from season to season to a repeater in the contestant field group.

    So for example these would be constant:

    • First Name
    • Last Name

    But these would be different for each season and in the repeater:

    • Icon
    • Nickname

    But what I’m struggling with is the best way to for the repeater to display only the repeater row metadata for whichever season the match belongs to.

    Should I create a “season” custom post type and add that to the match field group for the repeater to use somehow? It’s a bit over my pay grade and would love some guidance. Thanks!

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