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Strings in the_field

  • We’re building a multilingual site where the client wants to be able to change a lot of text in the admin – such as buttons – rather than having it defined in the theme. We’re using ACF option pages for this.

    I haven’t been able to figure out if there is a way to have a dynamic element to fields. Say we have a button that looks like this:

    Back to [event category] overview page

    The client wants to change the text of the button, but how can I add the dynamic variable (name of event category) in the field output? Its placement might change depending on language, so ideally I would like to write something like this in ACF admin:

    Back to %s overview page

    And then in the theme, do something like:

    the_field('my-ACF-field-value', $my-event-category-variable);

    Is this possible?

  • maybe
    printf(get_field('my-ACF-field-value'), $my_event_category_variable);

  • Thanks a lot Hube2! That worked, I just needed to add the option-call and all is fine:

    printf(get_field('my-ACF-field-value', 'option'), get_the_title($post->post_parent));

    I thought ACF probably didn’t use %s and this wouldn’t be possible, but I’m happy I was wrong. Amazing plugin, I am continuously impressed the more I learn about it.

  • Actually, ACF does not handle the %s and printf stuff internally.

    If we break it down to steps:

    1. Get your field value that contains %s
    2. Get the value to replace %s with
    3. call PHP pringf() function using the retrieved values
  • Aha, so it’s handled outside of ACF. But still it doesn’t stop the functionality – often I find plugins get in the way of many base functions.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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