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Storing variable to custom field

  • Bit of a weird one I’m not too sure how to word this, or what I’m lucking for so I was just after some pointers.

    Within a loop I have a YouTube play count pulled in and store in the variable $plays, is there any known way of storing this value into a custom field and say every 4 hours updating this value as it changes.

    Cheers for any pointers on this one.

  • Hi @jduffell

    When is this play count fetched? Whenever someone starts up the youtube video or whenever the page is loaded?

    As for saving the value to a custom field that’s very simple. You can use ACF function update_field().

  • Hi @jonathan cheers, I was actually just looking at this.

    It’s currently pulled into the loop itself and output from a variable within that.


  • Alright,

    So is your issue solved or do you still need help? Not sure from your response 🙂

  • Hi Jonathan, marked as solved now.

    The update_field was perfect for storing the value, I’m just a little concerned about how I’ve gone about it, I don’t really want to use a cron job but I was wondering if you perhaps know of any better ways of storing a value to posts on a regular basis but perhaps not on every page load.

    Cheers for any pointers.


  • Well the only other way I can think of is that you could use Transients which expires. When it expires = update it again.

    Not sure it’s the right way to go tho unless you’re confident in keeping the information in a transient rather than as a meta value.

    Otherwise I see no reason why you couldn’t use cron. 🙂

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