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store post ids in user profile

  • Hello,

    what is the best practice to store post ids in a WP user profile ?
    I want to show a “your latest downloads” list for logged in users in frontend…
    I thought about creating an ACF textarea field and store the post ids comma seperated in it, but this solution would not be so nice for the admin – he would only see a list of ids in the backend user profile…

    which would be the best way to story this information for the logged in user?


  • That would depend on what information you want to store. A relationship field on each user would probably give you the most flexibility. Then when you detect and store a value you can update the relationship field.

    Be sure to use the field key for the field.

    // if download detected
    // get the value of the user field without formatting it
    $downloads = get_field('field_012abc567', "user_{$user_id}", false);
    // see if the value is already added, if not add it
    if (!in_array($post_id, $downloads)) {
      $downloads[] = $post_id;
      // and update the field
      update_field('field_012abc567', $downloads, "user_{$user_id}");
  • Hello John,

    thanks a lot – I’ll check this.
    I want to tore the post ids of a custom post type, so a relationship field is
    the perfect solution i think.


  • Hello John,

    is it possible to allow the logged in user to edit the relationships
    in frontend (for example to delete some from the list) ?


  • You should be able to use an acf_form() Set the post ID when calling ACF form to "user_{$user_id}" and that will show the groups attached to the user edit page I think.

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