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store fields in DB

  • Is there an elegant way to store fields (in my plugin i have hundreds of them for later use) generated from API call confronted and looped with CSV file in database so i can load them later without connecting to my api and loading csv?

    Putting it simple: upon options save in my plugin i’m generating custom fields based on curl connection to API + loading CSV. But i want to store those fields in my database and later load them directly from there (or simply call specific field in DB), i don’t want to loop through API+CSV constantly.

    How can i do that?

    Only thing i was thinking was to set ANY values for each field and save the page, so it would store the values in DB (i need only field objects, so those fields are not saved in DB in any way because i haven’t entered any values there), but is there any more elegant way to do that?

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